Well, this really depends. Did you live a whole life thinking you were straight, with sexual feelings towards the opposite sex? If so, then you're not gay.

What I'm trying to say is that you can't just wake up, and claim you're gay without any sexual feelings towards men. If you've lived a whole, straight life, then you're probably straight. Unless you're in the middle of puberty or something, then that's something to think about. You only really develop sexual feelings then, and that's how you find out the "ticket" you have. Call me a stupid and average heterosexual white male, but this is just what I believe.

Just because you "accept" homosexuality, doesn't mean OP will. Homosexuality is a really subjective idea, as people either accept or don't. It's not a bad thing to disagree with homosexuality, it's just different from the way you think of it. And if I did live a whole life thinking I was straight, and then ended up finding that I was a homosexual, I wouldn't feel too happy either.

Everything can be wrong- and probably is wrong. I do accept homosexuality and think that they should have the right to do whatever they want, but others may disagree. ! TRIGGER WARNING ! Thinking that it's wrong to be unhappy with homosexuality is just as bad as being a strong homophobe. Nobody should be forced to have the same feeling as you JUST to appeal to youself and to expand your safespace.